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Thursday, October 13, 2005


shouldnt spend at the wharehouse

I went to the airport wharehouse and spent $100 on a new pair of curtains. The main dining room in this dam 1030s home, is a kacky green. everyday i sit in this room, with my chinese student ( who hardly understands english) and write and check my emails. This entry, by the way is not very interesting.....I went an saw what i thought were some beautiful silky curtains, but instead when I got home I discovered they were thin (though sold as lined) and see though. Anyway i hate them and Im going to try and get a refund. Im meant to be going out tonight, actually making an effort and putting on some nice clothes and going to the Viaduct area, the place where America's cup was held. Why do i bother... I wish i was smoking again......

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