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Friday, October 14, 2005



I was good, i only smoked two cig's and had one beer last night. The night started kinda weird. my friend was worried that she was tarted up and i was looking kinda like some dimwit again all glasses and all that (though two guys did smile and say Gidday, though they seemed uncultured and thick) Anyway moving on, we sat in this cocktail bar, talking about ex boyfriends and all the problems asociated with being in our 30's and single, trying to convince each other we were okey and we would make it into a sterotypical shitty normal life........someday//////but not-now, waiting for the right man syndrome.
In the end we left and my friend was downhearted.......and then we bumped into this guy who went to elam art school and went to his house and watched, at his suggestion Ziggy stardust d.V.D That was a treat!

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