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Friday, November 25, 2005


Maybe i will read

sometimes i just think its okey when really its not?
in a case like this i shouldnt run or jump or should sit still and wait it out and attempt to get some sort of shit sorted out?
Im working for the university now and the union. seems i have fallen into better things, tho the pay is the same as prior.

I woke up today, not sad like i have been for the last week. I think I have decided on a new way for this year called buying books and reading them, Im going to get a builder to build a bookcase as big as the big wall in my living room and layer it with books, all the books, the endless supply, the things that make me happy and start collecting and reading with wit and vigor, why shouldn't I, it seems pointless to lament , and the curiosity of my lament probably holds no fascination for the serious mined love interest

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