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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


which and who


molly walks

This is molly at mangere Bridge park, where David lange lived the last days of his life.. Its a real shame that Lange, who challenged and fought for a Nuclear free New Zealand and lead us as a nation to succeed has died. Apparently, I found out he went to otahuhu school which is just up the road and Lived on the same road I lived at before he got elected as Prime Minster of New Zealand.
I will start taking photos of my local environment, its an interesting mix of Pacific island people and Fijian Indians

Saturday, August 27, 2005


This is the photo I took of my car over the auckland bridge, when i was working on the shore. I wanted to upload a picture of molly too. It was funny how I got this dog. Quite by chance me and my dad had decided to get fish and chips from the local fish'n'chip shop. We bumped into this guy from work who just happened to start rambling on about his Dog molly and how he had to get rid of her because he was getting a puppy to protect his car yard and so forth etc etc... Anyway he said I could have her for a month, thats molly and shes been with me a mere month. Shes not the best guard dog on the block, she will lick your
hand rather than bite it, but boy-oh-boy shes a good mate for the more frequent nights i have been dining alone. Though she can be a pain trying to get food and jumping up all over the place and scatching and all the other dog stuff that comes with owning a dog


Ive given up smoking

Friday, August 26, 2005


This was the front porch at my old flat, not much to see really, it overlooked a beautiful park

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


last flat in ponsonby


This is my country


mollylee the dancing queen

molly is sitting under the table. She's been home all day, outside of course running free. Im surprised shes tired . I feed her some dog roll today and it was frozen


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