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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good Im finally on line. There's been some slight excitement, Keith Richards fell out of a tree in Fiji and had to be helicoptered back to New Zealand, Auckland.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


From: indymedia.org.nz

A sunny autumn afternoon saw over 250 people turned out in Wellington to protest against , the now, three years of war and occupation in Iraq. People of all ages, from babies to grannies, were present for a thoughtful but relaxed demonstration marking the third anniversary of the US invasion. Speakers of all ages emphasised the need to halt the US global onslaught on basic freedoms and human rights.Local techheads "geeks 4 peace" showed that you don't have to be cool to be against the war. "We believe our message "1001 11011 010101 00011 0001 0011110 01111" speaks for itself" said one open_source_activist. "We see the right to run your own lives as no less important than the right to run your own OS".Unfortunately a moment of street theatre late in the day prompted the remaining three youthful police officers to spring into action. A hasty arrest engendered an atmosphere of tension which then became compounded by extra officers turning up and commencing much pushing, shoving and threatening behaviour. Police then individually launched a seemingly random series of heavy-handed arrests resulting in two people seeking medical attention. " I think if these young fellows had had a more senior officer present none of this would have happened" one veteran protestor remarked. "They just seemed to be lacking a bit of discipline"Organisers asked that the earlier peaceful spirit of the day not be overshadowed by the police violence. "We understand that as officers of the state they are obliged to use arbitrary and disproportionate violence whenever the state deems it appropriate" one commented. "We would ask that people instead think of the brutality occuring daily, on a far greater scale, in Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan and put their efforts in that direction" he said.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Maybe i will read

sometimes i just think its okey when really its not?
in a case like this i shouldnt run or jump or should sit still and wait it out and attempt to get some sort of shit sorted out?
Im working for the university now and the union. seems i have fallen into better things, tho the pay is the same as prior.

I woke up today, not sad like i have been for the last week. I think I have decided on a new way for this year called buying books and reading them, Im going to get a builder to build a bookcase as big as the big wall in my living room and layer it with books, all the books, the endless supply, the things that make me happy and start collecting and reading with wit and vigor, why shouldn't I, it seems pointless to lament , and the curiosity of my lament probably holds no fascination for the serious mined love interest

Sunday, November 06, 2005


oh dear

will attempt to go to this gig, though will probably have to spend $50 on taxi and the like to get home, unless my kind flatmate gives me a ride, or unless i just dont drink, which seems unlikely.............
But another point is am I going to be the only women over 30 there and if i am, is going alone makingme look like a loser. Maybe I am a loser and if I just accept that fact and dont push it, maybe then i can have fun and enjoy myself, or maybe ....oh I dont know? sometimes it all gets far too deap.......I guess I am a lonely loser though and there is no point trying to figure it out, I might as well as enjoy myself. cause nobody else can do that for me? Or can they


"All roads might lead to the same place no matter what I don't know."

Many a Taxi storyline revolved around the romances of the various employees of the Sunshine Cab Company. :Alex Bobby Elaine Jim John Latka Louie Tony.


hayseed dixie

saw this band, which were weird, They do banjo covers of ac/dc and motorhead.

Someone also stole my wallet. Me cash cards and new photo phone, and I lost a pile of money when the gas company i hired went into liquidation. Its all a bit difficult.....

still missing london, tho happy to be in Auckland for now

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Me and mole hit the road again

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I did because I wanted you to be free paintings


ta for nothing

I began to feel that freedom should beget freedom. But it did'nt work. In a way, the reverse happened, and the more involved I got in my painting, which subsequently led to many outside contracts and a lot of visitors and the writing of books, the less that I was liked in the community. The more I was different, the more I was rejected. And I finally had to realise that they were not interested in freedom. They were interested in the survival of the Benedictine Order and it particular in the survival of the Abbey. So the Kind of person they accepted became more and more the kind of person who would fit into the frame they wanted Meinrad Craighead (contemporary)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Familiar acts are beautiful through love
( percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822)

Dress up, dance, laugh. I will never be able to throw Love out the window.
( Arthur Rhimbaud 1854-1891)


Sometimes red is what I feel

If i was to turn back
into you and tell you what I
and gave you
the opportunity to tell me what
you did
do you think we would
have made it?


ive been in love four times

Ive only been in love four times:will it happen a fifth time, and whats the change of it happening in New Zealand. looks like all the interesting men have cleared off. Im eating Pac and Save's easy butter chicken, naughty aye
anyway thursday night was a treat too. I drove, foolishly for 1.5 hours either way, from auck land to hamilton to see the French two piece weird ensomble : VIALKA, i managed to only get one song in,but what a joy. ive got the c.d. Excellent , very excellent.


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